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UN silent despite no grounds for NATO war on Libya

October 11, 2011


By Frances Thomas, 10 October 2011, Source: (This article was first removed from the source site and reappeared slightly edited a day after its first publication.) The situation in Sirte is dire. Six weeks under siege after months of aerial attacks. Children and old people dead of hunger and thirst. Water supply hit. Hospitals without […]

NATO assault on Sirte inflicts more Libyan civilian casualties

October 5, 2011


By Patrick O’Connor, 4 October 2011, Source: The coastal Libyan city of Sirte is under ferocious bombardment from NATO in the air, and militia fighters aligned with the National Transitional Council (NTC) on the ground. Tens of thousands of civilians remain trapped in the area, and are being subjected to indiscriminate rocket, mortar and […]

Spot the difference: Libyan revolutions in 1969 and 2011

September 2, 2011


The Libyan al-Fateh revolution of 1969 was bloodless and popular. Current pictures from the so-called “February 17th revolution” that flies the same flag as the Idris monarchy. Can you spot the difference? What’s taking place in Libya these days isn’t a revolution, it’s an unpopular insurgency which has already cost 50,000 lives and destroyed much […]

@LibyanLiberal’s timeline of the conflict in Tripoli

August 28, 2011


One of a few pro-Gaddafi tweeps reporting from Tripoli is @LibyanLiberal, whose tweets are very informative and give a dramatic picture of the chaos and fights that are taking place in the capital of Libya. This is an archive of all of LibyanLiberal’s tweets starting from August 17, just three days before the rebel’s heavy […]

The mainstream media must immediately stop to support the “African mercenaries” myth in Libya

August 27, 2011


Evidence is that since the rebel offensive on Tripoli started seven days ago, a large number of Black civilians and soldiers have become victims of racist massacres and unlawful killings in Libya’s capital. [The Independent] [AP] The mainstream media is covering up the racist killings by continuing to deliberately spread the “African mercenaries” myth. However, its […]

The Rape Of Libya

August 26, 2011


By Bill Van Auken, 26 August 2011, Source: Five days after “rebels” entered Tripoli, under the cover of NATO bombing and led by foreign special forces, the abject criminality of imperialism’s takeover of Libya is becoming increasingly evident. Fighting continues to rage throughout the Libyan capital, whose two million residents have been made hostages […]

Al Jazeera’s fake Green Square

August 22, 2011


Al Jazeera and Sky News on Sunday aired videos showing rebels celebrating their surprisingly quick victory over Tripoli in Green Square. But we believe that they have actually been showing a staged scene, including a fake scenery, one that’s reportedly been built in Doha, Qatar. Impossible you say? Then continue reading. First off, let’s see a […]