Spot the difference: Libyan revolutions in 1969 and 2011

Posted on 2 September 2011


The Libyan al-Fateh revolution of 1969 was bloodless and popular.

Current pictures from the so-called “February 17th revolution” that flies the same flag as the Idris monarchy.

Can you spot the difference?

What’s taking place in Libya these days isn’t a revolution, it’s an unpopular insurgency which has already cost 50,000 lives and destroyed much of Libya’s infrastructure.

Read the Top Ten Myths in the War Against Libya.

Gadaffi supporters: Bodies of civilians lie on the ground inside a field hospital. One person has been murdered in his hospital bed. Another appears to be that of a teenager. Abu Salim, Tripoli, 25 Aug 2011. (Reuters/Anis Mili)

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