“Liberated” ghost towns in the Nafusa mountains

Posted on 2 August 2011



As we noticed before, it appears that residents of cities in the Nafusa mountains don’t really want to be “liberated” by “rebels”. Here’s an excerpt from a recent Reuters article:

Rebels who seized the government-held town of Ghazaia in Libya’s Western Mountain in a new offensive describe themselves as “liberators”, but there were no cheers when they rolled in.

Its estimated 5,000 residents, supporters of Muammar Gaddafi, had been transported to his stronghold Tripoli by his militiamen, leaving behind a ghost town.

“We would have liked to have been welcomed here. These people all liked Gaddafi. They benefitted from him,” said a rebel named Majdi, standing beside rows of houses built by Libyans aided by soft loans from the government.

Michael Georgy (31 Jul 2011). “Western Mountain battle shows complexities of Libya conflict”. Reuters.

Image source.

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